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The Stephen D. Vance Foundation was created to heighten the awareness of the increased targeting of humanitarian aid workers world-wide. The foundation aims to initiate a dialogue through advocacy and briefings to hasten the necessary policy changes to better protect those in the field.

Stephen Vance was assassinated in Peshawar, Pakistan on November 12, 2008, where he had been director of an aid project to bring economic development and regional stability into the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) of the North West Province of Pakistan.

Stephen's death abruptly ended his lifelong mission to helping people rise from poverty around the globe. Stephen was fully committed to his vision of success through carefully crafted development projects, rooted in his initial experience while volunteering at the Peace Corps. For over three decades, Stephen's dedicated and selfless hard work has benefited populations all over the world, from Zaire to East Timor, from Mongolia to Pakistan. He leaves behind his wife and five young children.

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